Paul Yun

"The result looks amazing. and I think it was quite a successful project. At the end of the day, we are happy that it was completed in the way that it did. And yes, we are now looking at a very good auction result.

The experience was very good. It was a very supportive environment. Especially in the sense that when something went wrong Henry and Adelmo and all the team were always right there for me to answer any questions. if I had any issues, they were always there on the phone to help me on the spot which was very good... and very supportive.

I would recommend and I would also do more projects with Franco Buildings in the future as well"

Having the right team means you are going to have very good communication. That is very important because at the end of the day you are all moving towards one direction

Mark Baker

" I had no concerns beforehand because I had visited some of the past projects that Franco Buildings built and was very confident with the quality of the work that they had done.

Obviously, they had a look around (to compare them to other builders) but quality work was one of the main things. We also looked at costings as well and they were very competitive. With high quality and competitive prices it was a very easy decision.

Every time there was an issue, Franco Buildings already had a solution proposed even before we were even told that the issue really existed, so we were just surprised with in the speed that everything happened, as well as communications for the solution."

The process was effortless. Everything was completed in time and any issues where dealt with even before we knew they existed. Definitely a great builder to work with.

Anne Spengler

"I was informed all the way through. The builder used to ring me and tell me what was happening. I even stopped on site quite a few times  and everyone working there spoke very highly of the company.

I was also impressed that there seemed to be guys, working 24 hours 7 days a week. I would pass on a Sunday, and there would be people there finishing off things. Also the site was clean and the neighbours were very happy.

You hear about a lot about blowouts, and building somebody gives you a quote and all of a sudden you have costs blown out everywhere. I really like is the honesty, you don't get that with a lot of building"

The big factor is communication and honesty, it's fantastic that you get all that in a package deal, which makes you feel safe and secure as though you're in good hands